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       Title: Possum or Bandicoot Soup
  Categories: Soups, Oz
       Yield: 1 servings
       1 ea Small possum or bandicoot*
       2 l  Water
       1 t  Salt
       1 ea Tin corn*
            Any other vegies desired
       1 pn Celery leaves
       1 pn Parsley
            Flour or gravox* to thicken
            Fried bread,1 slice per serv
   Skin and clean possum or bandicoot, then quarter the animal. (Video
   tape this please. I have no idea how to do it. Also “first you have
   to catch a possum or bandicoot”, but then that’s another story.)
   Place it in a large pot or camp oven along with water and salt. Cover
   and simmer gently for 3 or 4 hours. (Tough little devils apparently.)
   Add vegetables and simmer for another 1 1/2 hours (Still tough. Even
   the vegies are resisting being associated with this.) Strain soup
   through a large holed colander when meat has left bone and remove
   bones, especially small ones. Return soup to the pot and add parsley
   and celery leaves. Thicken with a little flour or gravox. Cut fried
   bread into 1 inch squares and serve soup over toast,boiling hot.
   *For those of you that haven't met a bandicoot, it is something
   between a possum and a raccoon, sort of, I think, maybe.
   *Tin of corn? Well a can I guess, 16 oz.
   *Now, when you boil this meat for 5 1/2 hours, strain it and throw it
   away, it does make me wonder why you started in the first place.
   *Gravox is a meat concentrate seasoning I think. The dish must be
   need some flavor.
   *Fry the bread any way you want to.
   *All things considered, a brick or stone would be a reasonable
   alternative if you don't happen to have a possum or bandicoot
   Gerry Nolan
   “If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you even
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   This is both a test and a recipe. I haven't tried to upload a file to
   the MM list before.
   Many years back I spent a month wandering around Australia and while
   in Coober Pedy I found this book called:
   Bush Cooking by Max Bryant Published by the Kangaroo Press
   ISBN 0 86417 230 3
   Please don't get the impression that this is what my good friends in
   Australia eat normally or would even consider eating.
   What it is, if I get it typed in, is a collection of recipes from the
   harsh outback where you had to make do with what you had. Some of
   them are even taken from the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia.
   These recipes are for the most part unique, unusual, and as far as I
   know factual.
   In this particular recipe, I couldn't help from adding some comments,
   but then I only used it for a test. Hope you enjoy it even if you
   never have unexpected guests and all that is available is a possum or
   bandicoot that you don't know what to do with.