This is a *fabulous* dish.  It is a rich dish for special occasions
 (fermented black soybeans are high-salt and high-fat).  The recipe
 here is adapted from one in _Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant_ (the
 best of the Moosewood cookbooks, IMHO).
 	1 lb fresh green beans, trimmed
 	4 garlic cloves
 	2 jalapenos or other hot chiles
 	2 T fermented black soybeans
 	3 T rice vinegar
 	2 T tamari (or soy sauce)
 	1.5 t potato starch (or cornstarch)
 	1 T brown sugar
 	2 T sake or other rice wine
 Cut the green beans into equal lengths of about 1.5 inches. Blanch the
 green beans for 3 minutes.  Set aside.
 Mince the garlic.  De-seed the jalapenos and finely dice.  Mix together
 the garlic, jalapeno, and black beans.  Set aside.
 Mix together the rice vinegar, tamari, starch, sugar, and sake.  Set
 Fill a glass with water and set handy next to the stove.  Put a
 skillet over high heat.  When the pan is hot, dump the garlic mixture
 into the pan.  Stir fry for one minute, adding water as the mixture
 begins to stick -- add just a little at time.  Add the green beans and
 stir fry for 5 minutes, again adding water just as needed.  Add the
 vinegar mixture, mixing until evenly coated and sauce thickens.  Serve
 Serves 2 
 Blanching: bring a *large* pot of water to a rolling boil.  Dump in
 the green beans, boil for 3 minutes, remove promptly and dump into ice
 water or run under cold water to stop the cooking.
 Fermented black soybeans are available in Asian markets.  Usually
 labled “salted black beans”.  I find them in the preserved food
 section in plastic bags.