Last weekend my sister took me to a Chinese restaurant and demanded I
 order the won tons stuffed with cream cheese.  I was skeptical but went
 ahead and tried them.  They were wonderful and last night I decided to
 try and make them at home.  I simply used a bag of won ton wrappers, a
 large tub of low-fat cream cream, juice of 1/2 lemon and around three
 to four tablespoons of sugar, creamed together.  I placed a spoonful of
 cheese in the wrappers and sealed them with water, fried them for a few
 seconds on each side and was in heaven.  Quick, easy and cheap for an
 appetizer.  But be warned, if you don't seal them tightly and the cream
 cheese pours into the hot oil, your in for splashing grease.  I learned
 the hard way ;}.