Two cups shredded veggies. Mixture of: mostly cabbage or bok choy,
 with carrots, mushrooms, onion, whatever to taste. Pre-packaged
 coleslaw mix works surprisingly well. 
 soy sauce
 vinegar (white or rice)
 coupla dozen wonton/dumpling skins ( I think these are just flour and water)
 garlic (fresh, chopped fine,  or powdered)
 ginger (fresh, chopped fine,  or powdered)
 small bowl with water for dipping
 optional: Tbsp Hunan chili paste, Tbsp plum sauce
           or maybe  tsp black bean sauce, tsp five spice powder or other 
           flavoring (use *one*)
 Make the dipping sauce first and let it sit. Mix equal parts soy
 sauce and vinegar, about 1/8 cup per person. Mix equal parts garlic
 and ginger, about a clove’s worth per person.
 Stir-fry vegetable mix in a small bit of water and soy sauce. 
 If you have it, add your favorite optional flavoring. I like chili paste.
 Stir until translucent. Mix will taste sorta raw.
 To make the dumplings, scoop about 1.5 teaspoons onto a dumpling skin
 (experiment until you find the right amount.) Crunch the dumpling
 into a nice shape and dip the end into the small bowl to seal it.
 Dumplings may be boiled for 3-5 minutes or steamed 5-10. They are 
 done when they crinkle up and turn translucent.
 Dip dumplings in sauce. Magic!