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  Categories: Appetizers, Chinese
       Yield: 120 servings
   1 1/2 lb Lean ground beef
     1/2 lb Lean ground pork
     1/2 lb Bulk hot sausage
       2 md Onions, finely chopped
       2 c  Finely chopped celery
       2    8 oz. cans bean sprouts,
   1 1/2 lb (3 cups) shrimp, boiled,
            Peeled and chopped
       2    8 oz. cans water chestnuts,
            Sliced and drained
       5 tb Soy sauce
            Flour to thicken
       6    20 count packages egg roll
            Wrapper skins
   Brown meats with onion and celery.  Stir in bean sprouts, shrimp and
   water chestnuts.  Cook over low heat, blending well. Stir in soy
   sauce and flour to thicken. Cool mixture. Place 2 tablespoons of
   mixture on edge of each egg roll skin.  Roll snugly, tucking in ends
   and sealing with moistened fingertips. Deep fry in hot oil for 5
   minutes. Serve with Jezebel Sauce or Chinese style hot mustard and
   sweet and sour sauce. Note: These freeze exceptionally well.  Place
   egg rolls on a cookie sheet, freeze until firm, store in heavy duty
   freezer bags. A delightful treat to have on hand for drop-in guests.