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  Categories: Chinese, Chicken
       Yield: 4 servings
       2    Boneless, skinless chicken
            -breast halves
       1 lb Fresh broccoli
       2 tb Vegetable oil
       1 md Onion, chunked
       2 tb Water
       2    Medium-size red bell
            -peppers, chunked
     1/2 lb Fresh mushrooms, quartered
     1/3 c  Kikkoman Stir-Fry Sauce
     1/4 ts Crushed red pepper
   Cut the chicken into 1-inch pieces.  Cut the broccoli
   flowerets into bite-size pieces and the peeled stalks
   into thin slices.  Heat the oil in a hot wok  or large
   skillet over high heat.  Add the chicken and stir-fry
   for 1 minute.  Add the broccoli and onion; stir-fry
   for 1 minute.  Add the water, cover, and cook for 5
   minutes, stirring once.  Add the bell peppers and
   mushrooms; stir-fry for 3 minutes.  Add the stir-fry
   sauce and crushed red pepper.  Cook, stirring, until
   the chicken and vegetables are coated with the sauce.
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   [Country Home; February 1992]
   Posted by Fred Peters.