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  Categories: Chinese, Pork, Beef
       Yield: 50 servings
       1 lb Ground or very finely
            -chopped pork or beef or 1/2
            -& 1/2
            Or 1/2 pork & 1/2 raw shrimp
       6 tb Sesame oil
       2 ts Sugar
     3/4 ts Salt
     1/4 ts Pepper
       1 lb Cabbage (napa or Chinese,
            -preferred) or mix with bok
            Celery, carrot, etc.
       1 ts Salt
     1/3 lb Chopped green onions (use
            -whole onion w/o roots)
       3 c  Flour
     3/4 c  Cold water
     1/2 c  Flour to prevent sticking
            -during kneading.
      10 c  Boiling liquid (water or
            -stock optional)
   Filling: Chop the “meat” well and mix well with the
   Then chop the cabbage or veggie (s) fine and mix with 1
   t. salt and let sit for 10 minutes; Squeeze out the
   excess water. Mix the veggie with the meat and green
   onions and mix well by hand.
   Skins: In a bowl, add water to the flour and knead
   into a smooth dough; let it stand for ten minutes.
   Then roll the dough into a long baton-like roll and
   cut into 50 pieces. (I just divide in 1/2 & 1/2 & 1/2
   etc and am satisfied with four dozen. At the end I can
   eyeball 3 equal parts pretty accurately.)
   Use a rolling pin to roll each piece into a thin
   Place 1 portion (50 th or 48th) of filling in the
   center of a dough circle. Fold the circle in half and
   moisten the edges with water. Use index finger and
   thumb to bring the sides together.
   Pleat the open edge together (into a semi-circle -
   sorta) keeping the other edge smooth. The smooth edge
   will yield to the length of the pleated edge. Pinch
   the pleats together to seal. Repeat for all dumplings.
   Boil 10 cups water or stock or mixture and add
   dumplings; stir to prevent from sticking together.
   Return to a boil, turn heat low and cook for six
   minutes. Remove. Serve with dipping sauces.
   I like to give each diner a small dipping bowl and
   provide Soy, Shao Hsing, Rice Vinegar, Sesame Oil, Hot
   Sesame oil, Finely chopped or grated Garlic, Ginger,
   Bean paste, Hot bean paste, Black Bean paste, Peanut
   paste as makings for each to mix their dip to their
   YOU CAN CHEAT and buy ready made “gyoza” skins at most
   Chinese markets. If you are not too dexterous, get a
   dumpling press and you can stuff, fold, pleat, etc
   rapidly. Get more presses if you've a helper or two.
   Mine were under $2.00 if I remember. These are the
   same as you use for pierogi, etc.
   You can freeze these but wrap with separate partitions
   (I was successful rolling them in saran. I'd wrap one,
   roll, wrap one, roll, etc. When frozen and then
   cooked, as liquid returns to boil, lower and poach for
   10 minutes. If they are going to be pot- stickers
   (next recipe) you can also steam them or poach in low
   liquid without covering.