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       Title: Chinese Style Mushroom Filled with Salmon Filet
  Categories: Seafood, Vegetables, Chinese
       Yield: 2 servings
            Salmon steak, fresh
            Mushrooms, Inoki,
            -- julienne
            Carrot, julienne
            Mushroom, Shitake,
            -- julienne
            Celery, julienned
            Salt (to taste)
            Pepper (to taste)
            Oil, for frying
 MMMMM-----------------------BRAISING SAUCE----------------------------
            Lemon grass, white part
            -- only, minced
       2 tb Shallot, minced
       2 tb Rice wine
       2 tb Fish sauce
       1 ts Sesame oil
       2 tb Broth, chicken
       1 ts Sugar
            Rice, cooked
            Cilantro (garnish)
      First julienne the mushrooms and vegetables into thin, short
   strips.  Set aside.
      Cut the salmon steak in half.  Take each half and slice it most
   of the way through horizontally so the two pieces fold back on a hinge
   like a hamburger or hot dog roll.
      Prepare a braising glaze by mixing the “sauce” ingredients above
   in a small bowl and stir and set aside.
      Into each of the two salmon “sandwich” pieces, add a touch of
   salt and pepper to taste and then add portions of Shitake, and Inoki
   mushroom, celery and carrot as filling for the “sandwiches.”
      Close up the “sandwiches” and set aside.
   To Cook:
      In a small saute pan, heat a bit of peanut oil over high heat
   until it begins to smoke and then put the salmon sandwiches in to
   brown both sides (about 1 minute each side.)
      When both sides are browned, add the braising sauce to the
   salmon.  Cover and braise over medium heat until the salmon is done (
   2 to 3 minutes).
      Transfer the cooked salmon sandwiches to a serving plate and
   serve with cakes of sticky rice and garnish with julienne fans of
   Szechuan pickle.
      Top with drippings from the saute pan, and pieces of Cilantro.
      Source: Martin Yan’s Cooking for Two Show - 1994
      : KQED - PBS Productions, San Francisco