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  Categories: Chinese, Pork
       Yield: 6 servings
     1/2 c  Uncooked short grain rice
     3/4 lb Lean ground pork
       2    Water chestnuts
       3 ts Dried shrimp, soaked/minced
       1    Stalk green onion, minced
     1/2 ts Minced ginger
       2 tb Chopped carrot
       2 ts Soya sauce
       4 ts Cornstarch
       1    Egg white
     3/4 ts Sugar
     3/4 ts Salt
            Pinch white pepper
   Soak rice in warm water for 1-1/2 to 2 hours.  Drain
   well and set aside. Mix pork with the remaining
   ingredients in a bowl.  Form into 14 meat balls: take
   a fistful of the mixture and squeeze out a meatball
   between your thumb and index finger.  Use a wet soup
   spoon to remove meatballs from your fist.  Roll the
   meatballs in the soaked rice until evenly coated.
   Gently press rice into meatballs.  Steam over high
   heat for 25-30 minutes. Add more water to the steamer
   if necessary.  Serve with soya sauce, if desired.
   Pearls can be kept in the refrigerator and resteamed.