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  Categories: Desserts, Fruits, Chinese
       Yield: 2 servings
            Wonton wrappers
            Cream, whipped
            Fruit, seasonal, sectioned
            -- skinned, and depitted
      Fry the wonton skins in the least amount of peanut
   oil possible. When done, drain and set aside between
   paper towels to dry.
      Put on skin on the serving plate, and layer
   seasonal fruits onto it in any pleasant design you can
   manage.  Add spots of whipping cream into the design
   and then put another fried skin onto the fruit but
   with its corners offset from that of the first layer.
      To achieve a “pagoda” effect make sure the second
   layer skin is slightly smaller than that first layer.
   Also try not to put the fruit on to cover the entire
   skin.  Leave about a half inch of the edges clean.
      Cover the second layer with fruit and whipped cream
   and garnish and serve.
      Source: Martin Yan’s Cooking for Two Show - 1994
      : KQED - PBS Productions, San Francisco