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       Title: PEKING DUCK
  Categories: Chinese, Poultry, Loo
       Yield: 1 duck
   Someone asked about Peking Duck. I've got two recipes
   in my collection - one is too simple, the other too
   long to post.
   So I'll just describe what to do, very briefly. If you
   want a good detailed recipe, check out Ken Hom’s
   Chinese Technique (Simon & Schuster, 1981).
   1. Loosen the skin from the duck by massaging it,
   pulling the skin away where possible.
   2. Blanch the duck for a couple of minutes.
   3. Hang it up to dry for 4 hours, then baste it with
   sherry or with honey-water 1/2 and 1/2 mixture. Hang
   it up again to dry for 4 hours.
   4. Roast duck - one recipe says             the other
                 30 min. at 375               15 min at
                 1 hour at 250                55 min at
                 30 min at 400                20 min at
   The rationale for this I'm not sure of, but all
   recipes claim that changing the oven temperature makes
   a vast difference.
   5. To serve - slice off skin and cut it into 1“x2
   pieces. Cut meat into similar-sized pieces. Provide 2
   scallion lengths (green and white part), hoisin sauce
   (canned or bottled), pancakes (below). Each diner
   rolls a bit of meat, a bit of skin, and a scallion
   length into a pancake that has been spread with about
   a teaspoon of hoisin sauce and eats the mess with
   Pancakes (adapted from Grace Zia Chu, Pleasures of
   Chinese Cooking):
   2 c flour, 1 c boiling water, 2 T dark sesame oil
   Add water to flour in a bowl and work with a wooden
   spoon into a dough. Knead 10 min. and let rest for 10
   Form into a long roll about 2 in diameter. Cut into
   1/2 pieces and flatten to 1/4”. Brush a little oil
   over a piece of dough and lay another piece over it.
   Roll out with rolling pin, slowly and from the center
   out, until the piece is 4 or more in diameter.
   Proceed until all dough is rolled out.
   Heat ungreased griddle over low flame and add dough
   circle. When it bubbles slightly, turn it over and
   heat the other side. While it is still warm, pull
   apart the two halves and fold at the center with the
   greased side inside. Repeat with remaining dough
   Steam for 10 min. before using as above.
   From:    Michael Loo