Pineapple Honey Mustard Eggroll (won ton/dim sum?)
 pineapple, bite sized pieces cut from a fresh pineapple (lots of work!)
 hot honey mustard
 won ton wrappers 
 Take a won ton wrapper, spread center with a bit of hot honey mustard
 (I wonder if you can make “honey” mustard with brown rice syrup?), and
 plunk one piece of pineapple in the center.  Wrap and pinch ends.  Test
 by tasting -- too hot, then reduce the honey mustard, etc..  When you
 have finished wrapping several of these, place them in a steaming tray
 or in the Black and Decker rice steamer, for about 5 minutes.  Serve
 with more hot sauce on the side!  You may also boil them, in a darker
 liquid, like apple cider, for <5 minutes, to give them a different look.