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       Title: Shrimp Chips
  Categories: Chinese, Condiment, Ceideburg 2
       Yield: 1 servings
       1 lb Net weight of shelled
            -shrimp, prawns or lobster
       1 lb Tapioca flour
       1 oz Salt
       1 ts White pepper powder
       1 c  Water
   I think there is one step left out of the process.  If I were making
   this I would pound the shrimp to a paste before adding them to the
   rest of the ingredients.  This book is quite interesting, but the
   translation leaves a bit to be desired.  The recipe intrigues me, but
   I've never actually gotten around to trying it out.
   You can make your own home made shrimp chips with which no one can
   compare. Here is the recipe for non-commercial shrimp chips.
   Bring water to a boil and dissolve salt and pepper powder.  Pour
   boiling water onto the tapioca flour in a large mixing bowl and stir
   quickly with a cooking spoon.  Add in the shrimp and knead as a
   dough. As the water content of the shrimp is unpredictable, you may
   adjust it by adding more boiling water.  The dough should be on the
   hard side.  Now shape into a cylinder about 1 inch in diameter.  If
   you do not have the proper steamer for this process, a bamboo rack or
   cake cooling rack will do. Lay a cheesecloth underneath and on top of
   the dough and place it on the rack. Make sure the cylinders of dough
   are far enough apart (at least 1 1/2 inch if space permits) to
   prevent them from sticking together. Steam at a high temperature for
   45 minutes.  Make sure there is plenty of water in the steamer to
   avoid having to open it to add more water.
   After steaming, bring out, remove the cheesecloth, and cool the dough
   on another rack.  Keep in a cool place to dry.  The time varies from
   1 day to 2 or 3 days.  If you can cut it with a very sharp knife,
   then start to cut it in thin slices (about the thickness of a penny).
   Now lay the slices on a piece of cardboard and dry in the sun until
   brittle. Don't hurry the drying before you cut them.
   You can store them indefinitely in a can.  When you want to use them,
   calculate 2 or 3 chips per person.  Deep fry in oil at 360F
   temperature. If the process has been done correctly, the chips will
   be done in a matter of seconds.  They will increase their size
   several times. Drain and serve.
   Use them as a garnish for crispy fried chicken or duck etc.  You can
   also use them as hors d'oeuvres or as appetizers.
   From “The Wok, A Chinese Cook Book”, by Gary Lee.  Nitty Gritty
   Publications, Concord, Ca.  1970.
   Posted by Stephen Ceideberg; May 19 1992.