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  Categories: Chinese, Seafood
       Yield: 4 servings
     1/4 lb Fresh or frozen medium-
            Sized shrimp
     1/3 lb Fresh snowpeas
       8 lg Fresh or canned water
     1/2 c  Unpeeled straw mushrooms
       2 ts Fresh ginger, slivered
       1 lg Clove garlic, minced
       2    Green onions
       3 tb Peanut oil
     1/2 c  Chicken stock
       2 ts Thin soy sauce
       1 ts Dry sherry
     1/2 ts Salt
       1 pn Sugar
            Cornstarch paste
   Preparation:  Soak snowpeas in cold water for 2 hours
   to make crisp. Soak shrimp in salted cold water for 1
   hour. Drain straw mushrooms. Break off ends of
   snowpeas. Peel & rinse water chestnuts. Shell shrimp,
   keeping tail intact. Deeply slit shrimp around upper
   curve (don't cut through), deveining, & spreading
   shrimp almost flat. Cut freen onion on the bias in 2
   lengths.  Slice water chestnuts thinly crosswise. In
   small bowl, mix stock, soy sauce, sherry, salt & sugar.
   Stir-frying:  Swirl peanut oil into very hot wok. When
   oil begins to smoke, add shrimp & stir-fry until they
   curl (about 20 seconds). Remove shrimp to serving
   platter. Stir-fry mushrooms for 30 seconds; add garlic
   & ginger; stir-fry another 30 seconds.  Add snowpeas &
   water chestnuts; stir-fry briskly for 1 minute. Add
   stock mixture; bring to boil; keep tossing until
   snowpeas are bright green.  Push ingredients out of
   liquid, dribble in cornstarch paste to thicken
   slightly. Return ingredients, including shrimp. Stir
   briefly. Serve immediately. HINT: snowpeas should be
   slightly undercooked when served.