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       Title: CHANG'S HOT & SOUR SOUP
  Categories: Chinese, Appetizers
       Yield: 10 servings
   1 tb Woodear strips
   soaked in water about
   4 hours
   1/2 c  sliced fresh mushrooms
   5 oz bean curd
   (about 1/3 of a 1 lb
   package, cut in thin
   one-inch slices)
   1/2 c  bamboo shoots
   2 ts salt
   2 1/2 tb sugar
   4 1/2 tb soy sauce
   3/4 ts white pepper
   3/4 ts Chinese red hot pepper
   10 tb vinegar
   1/2 ts sesame oil
   1 tb cornstarch, blended with
   4 tb water
   1/2 c  thin strips of fresh pork
   3    beaten eggs (or 4)
   10 c  chicken broth
   chopped green onions for
   garnish, if desired
   Heat chicken broth to boiling. Add pork strips, bamboo
   shoots, Woodear (drained), bean curd, and mushrooms.
   Return to boiling and add salt, soy sauce, sugar,
   white pepper, red pepper sauce, and vinegar, stirring
   all along. Continue boiling for a total cooking time
   of 20 mins. Stir in cornstarch mixture and keep
   stirring until soup is thickened. Pour beaten eggs
   gently over the top. Turn off the heat and stir eggs
   gently into soup. Add sesame oil. Spoon into bowls and
   serve topped with chopped green onions if desired.