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  Categories: Chinese
       Yield: 8 servings
       8    Dried “jyo” black mushrooms
       8    Large button mushrooms
       2 c  Stock
       1    Piece star anise
     1/2 ts Sichuan peppercorns
     1/2 c  Plum sauce
       1 tb Warm water
       2 tb Dry mustard
       3 tb Water
     1/2 ts White vinegar
       1 ts Thin soy sauce
       1 lb Fatty pork shoulder
     1/2 ts Cornstarch
       1 ts Water
       1 ts Oyster sauce
       1 ts Dark soy sauce
     1/4 ts Black pepper
       2    Green onions, minced
     1/4 ts Fresh ginger, minced
       1 ts Chinese parsley, minced
   Preparation:  Wash & soak “jyo” mushrooms in warm
   water for at least 1 hour. Add star anise and
   peppercorns to stock. Stew button mustrooms in stock
   for 30 minutes; remove from stock; discard mushroom
   stems. Strain stock for use in another dish. Mix plum
   sauce with warm water in dip saucer, cover & reserve.
   Make a paste of dry mustard & water; cover & let marry
   for 30 minutes; then add white vinegar & thin soy
   Filling:  Finely chop pork shoulder.  Mix cornstarch &
   water; add oyster sauce, soy sauce & black pepper. Add
   chopped pork; work with your fingers into thick
   mixture. Add onions, ginger & Chinese parsley. Allow
   filling to stand in covered bowl for 30 minutes. Mound
   about 1 1/2 teaspoons of filling on each mushroom.
   Arrange on serving plate.
   Steaming:  In steamer, bring water to rapid boil
   first; steam “jyo” mushrooms for 30 minutes; steam
   buttons for 20 minutes. Serve. If you plan to reheat
   before serving, steam for 5 minutes less, then reheat
   for 10 minutes.