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  Categories: Chinese, Vegetables
       Yield: 4 servings
       2 lb Spinach
       2 oz Bean Threads (Glass Noodles)
       3 tb Corn Or Peanut Oil
   1 1/4 ts Kosher Salt
     1/2 ts Sugar, (Or More If Desired)
       2 ts Oriental Sesame Oil
   In a large covered saucepan, bring 2 to 2-1/2 quarts
   of unsalted water to a boil over high heat.  Discard
   any straggly spinach leaves and white roots, then use
   scissors to cut stems and large leaves into 2-inch
   sections. Cut bulky stem clusters and any red root
   tips intact.  In large bowl, plunge cut spinach into
   several changes of cold water, gently pumping up and
   down to remove grit.  Drain in colander and shake off
   excess water. Plunge spinach into boiling water. After
   1 minute, drain spinach in colander, flush with cold
   running water until chilled, then press lightly with
   palms of hands to remove excess water.  Fluff spinach
   gently to loosen mass. In medium-size bowl, cover bean
   threads with 3 to 4 cups of heated water, without
   removing binding of rubber bands or strings. If bean
   threads are from Taiwan or Thailand, use hot water; if
   they are from the People’s Republic of China, use
   boiling water.  When pliable, after about 10 seconds
   use scissors to cut through loop ends or center of
   skein, thereby cutting bean threads into manageable 4-
   to 5-inch lengths. Cut rubber bands or strings and
   discard them, then swish bean threads to disperse in
   water. After another 10 to 15 seconds, when bean
   threads are firm - like rubber bands to the touch -
   rinse briefly with cool water and drain again. skillet
   over high heat until hot enough to evaporate a bead of
   water on contact. Add oil, swirl to coat pan, then
   reduce heat to medium-high. When hot enough to sizzle
   a bit of spinach on contact, add spinach and toss
   briskly another minute.  Add noodles and, using
   spatula, blend with several quick stirs until heated
   through.  Add sesame oil, toss briskly to combine,
   then remove from heat. Arrange several rosy-tipped
   spinach stems on top, if desired, and serve at once.
   Source: Barbara Tropp, Great Meals in Minutes - ISBN: