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                       LUMPIA (PHILIPPINE EGG ROLLS)
 Recipe By     : Teresita Mascardo
 Serving Size  : 12   Preparation Time :
 Categories    : Appetizers
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
                         *** EGG ROLLS ***
      1/2  pound         ground pork
      1/2  pound         raw shrimp -- chopped very fine
    4      medium        carrots -- chopped fine
    1      large         onion -- chopped fine
    4      large         scallions -- up to 6, chopped
                         -- fine, including the
                         -- green
    4      ounces        canned water chestnuts -- (1 small can),
                         -- chopped fine
    4      large         eggs
      1/4  cup           soy sauce -- or more to taste
    2      teaspoons     pepper -- freshly ground
    2      teaspoons     Accent -- optional
    1      pound         egg roll wrappers
                         Corn oil -- for deep-frying
                         *** CHOICE OF SAUCE/NO SAUCE ***
    1                    recipe Sauce for Party Shrimp -- (9/05/98 mcrecipe
                         -- digest 1640) for
                         -- accompaniment
    1                    recipe Terry’s Dipping Sauce -- for accompaniment
 1) In a large bowl, mix together everything with a spoon except the egg roll
 wrappers and oil.  Stir gently, trying to keep the ingredients as unmashed as
 possible.  Cook a small amount of the filling in a small skillet or microwave
 so that you can check the seasonings.  Add more pepper, soy sauce and Accent
 if you want.  Chill the filling for 1 hour, or until firm.
 2) Slice each egg roll wrapper in half lengthwise.  In a deep-fryer or deep,
 heavy pot, pour in the corn oil to a 3-inch depth.  Heat the oil until a
 dropped-in bread cube sizzles instantly.  (If using a frying thermometer, the
 oil should be about 360 degrees F.) Fill a small bowl with water and keep it
 near your work surface.
 3) To make the egg rolls, spread 1 tablespoon of filling evenly along the long
 top edge of each halved wrapper, leaving a half-inch border.
 4) Fold the border over the line of filling.  With your forefinger, paint a
 line of water along the folded-over border.  Roll up the wrapper as tightly as
 you can, sealing it with another line of water applied with your finger.
 Using water as a sealant will keep the rolls from unwrapping.
 5) With a sharp knife, cut each thin, thin egg roll into thirds - 3 small,
 thin egg rolls.  Using a slotted spoon, slip the egg rolls a few at a time
 into the hot oil and fry them, turning them often, until they are brown and
 crispy.  Drain and serve them immediately.
 6) The sauce is optional.  Besides the 2 sauces listed above, some mix equal
 parts soy sauce and white vinegar, adding minced fresh ginger and scallions to
 Makes 120 tiny egg rolls.
 Notes: This recipe appears in Ann Hodgman’s BEAT THAT! COOKBOOK, 1995,
 Chapters Publishing Ltd., ISBN 1-881527-92-1, pages 18-19.
 Typos by K. Hudson Lipin, 09/05/98
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