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       Title: Indonesian Peanut Chicken
  Categories: Polkadot, Faylen, Chicken, Indonesian
       Yield: 1 Servings
       4    -6 skinned and boned
            -chicken breasts
       2 tb Olive oil
       1    Clove garlic, minced
       1 sm Onion, minced
       1    Inch piece ginger root,
       1 c  Shelled, roasted, unsalted
            -pulverized in a blender
            -or chopper
       1 tb Soy sauce
       1 ts Turmeric
            -juice of 1 lime
       3    Chili peppers or other hot
            -(minimum) minced
       1 c  Water
       1 lg Onion, cut into rings
       1 tb Olive oil
   Cut chicken into small cubes.  Saut chicken in oil until cooked.
   Remove from heat. In a blender, put garlic through water ingredients
   and set on “destroy.” Blend until smooth. Put mixture in double
   boiler, cover, and cook until somewhat thickened, at least 20
   minutes. Saut onion rings until translucent. Make rice. Mix chicken
   and sauce. Serve over rice, place onion rings on top. Source: Deborah
   Kosnett, Compuserve “Cooks Online Forum.”
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