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                          SOTO AYAM (CHICKEN SOUP)
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 Serving Size  : 6    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Indonesian                       Chicken
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    1                    Chicken, 3-3 1/2 lbs.
    1       tb           Salad oil
    4                    Garlic clove -- smashed and pe
    1                    Onion -- coarsley chopped
    2       tb           Ginger, fresh -- chopped
    1                    Lemon grass stalk
      1/4   c            Lemon grass -- sliced
                         Lemon zest
    1                    Galangal slice -- dry
    1       t            Turmeric
    1       t            Salt
    2       ts           Coriander, ground
    2       ts           Sugar
      1/4   ts           Pepper
   28       oz           Chicken broth
    4       c             -- Water
    1 1/2   tb           Lemon juice
                         Condiments (noted in directi
   Remove chicken giblets, set aside.  Pull off and
   discard lumps of fat from chicken.  Cut off wings and
   leg-and-thigh pieces. Separate back from breast.
   Pour oil into 6 quart kettle and place over medium
   heat.  Add garlic, onion, and ginger and cook,
   stirring until onion is soft.  Add lemon grass,
   galangal, tumeric, salt, coriander, sugar, pepper,
   broth, and water. Stir then add chicken and giblets
   (except liver).  Bring to a boil over high heat.
   Cover, reduce heat, and simmer until breast is no
   longer pink when slashed (15-20 minutes).
   Remove breast and let cool. Simmer remaining chicken
   until meat near thighbone is no longer pink when
   slashed (15 minutes more).  Lift out legs and thighs,
   let cool.  Continue to simmer broth.  Discard skin
   from breast, legs and thighs. Cut meat into bite-sized
   pieces.  Cover and set aside.
   Return bones to broth, continue simmering until broth
   is richly flavored (about 1 more hour). Strain,
   discard wings, back, bones, giblets, and seasonings.
   (At this point you may cover and refrigerate chicken
   and broth until next day.  Bring chicken to room
   temperature before serving.)
   Prepare condiments and crisp-fried onions.  Place
   condiments, onions and chicken in seperate bowls.
   Skim and discard fat from broth. Heat broth until
   steaming and stir in lemon juice.  Ladle broth into
   serving bowls. Let diners add chicken, condiments and
   crisp-fried onions.
   CONDIMENTS:  Offer at least two of the following: 2
   ounces bean threads, cut into 6-inch lengths (soak in
   warm water to cover for 30 minutes before cutting), or
   1 1/2 cups cooked rice; 1 1/2 cups bean sprouts mixed
   with 1/4 cup chopped celery leaves; Spiced Coconut;
   and Chili Paste.
   Crisp-fried onions: Cut 2 medium onions in half
   lengthwise.  Cut each half crosswise into even slices
   about 1/8 inch thick; then cut slices into halves or
   thirds to make smaller arcs.  Into a deep heavy pan
   pour salad oil to a depth of 1 inch and heat to 300 F.
   Add about a third of the onions and cook, stirring
   often, until lightly browned (4-5 minutes).  Oil
   temperature will drop at first, but rise again as the
   onions brown; regulate heat to maintain 300 F.  Remove
   onions with a slotted spoon; drain on paper towels.
   Repeat with remaining onions. Serve warm or at room
   temperature.  Makes about 1 1/2 cups.
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