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       Title: Ayam Gereng (Indonesian Fried Chicken)
  Categories: Indonesian, Chicken, Ceideburg 2
       Yield: 4 servings
       1 md Chicken
     1/2 c  Tamarind water
       1 tb Clear soya sauce
            A pinch of chilli powder
       1 ts Ground ginger
       1 ts Ground coriander
       1    Clove garlic, crushed
            A pinch of turmeric
   The name means simply 'fried chicken', and that is all it is.  The
   marinade, however, gives it a characteristically Indonesian flavour.
   Marinate the pieces of chicken in this mixture for 2 hours, turning
   them from time to time. Strain the chicken, so that the marinade
   drips away from it.  Then deep-fry the portions, 4 or 5 at a time.
   Chicken fried in this way is excellent with Nasi Goreng.  [Nasi
   Goreng is fried rice. S.C.] Makes 4 servings. From “Indonesian Food
   and Cookery”, Sri Owen, Prospect Books, London, 1986." ISBN
   0-907325-29-7. Posted by Stephen Ceideberg; March 1 1993.