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       Title: Indonesian Shredded Spicy Beef
  Categories: Meats, Main dish, Indonesian
       Yield: 2 servings
     450 g  Boneless chuck
       2    Cloves garlic
       1 t  Brown sugar
       1 t  Laos
     1/2 t  Coriander]
       1 T  Tamarind juice
       1 t  Salt
       2 T  Oil
       1 sm Onion, sliced thinly
   On the day before, cook meat in water with a bit of salt until tender.
   Store overnight in refrigerator. The following day shred beef into small
   strips, pulling it apart with your fingers.
   Mix together garlic, brown sugar, laos, coriander, tamarind juice and
   salt. Add mixture to meat and stir well.
   Heat oil in heavy skillet and fry meat and spices until deep brown and
   Separately, fry onion until deep brown. Sprinkle on top of meat and serve
   with rice.
   Compiled by Imran C.