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    1       lb           Unpeeled baby ginger (in
                         Oriental groceries) or
                         Peeled regular ginger
                         (Note: regular ginger tends
                         To be stronger and tougher,
                         But works
                         Quite well anyway)
                         Peel (if necessary), rinse,
                         And pat dry.
                         Put in a bowl and coat with
                         About a heaping tablespoon
                         (preferably the pickling
                         (24 hours later:)
      1/2   c            Sugar
    2       c            Rice vinegar (unseasoned
    1       c            Less 2 tablespoons water
                         Set in a cool place for 24
   Dissolve sugar in rice vinegar and water.  Put into a
   6-cup resealable glass jar (I use the kind with the
   lever-action wire closure and rubber seal ring).
   Rinse the salt off the ginger and pat dry.  Put ginger
   into vinegar/sugar solution.  Close jar and
   refrigerate at least a week.
   The vinegar will turn the ginger a rosy pink.  Just
   before serving, slice thinly with the grain.
   You can keep a jar of this going indefinitely by
   replenishing the ginger and vinegar/sugar solution as
   it is used.
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