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       Title: Korean Short Ribs
  Categories: Main dish, Beef, Ethnic, On the gril
       Yield: 1 servings
         1 c  Soy sauce -- (not heavy or di
       1/3 c  Brown sugar
         5 c  Garlic -- minced or crushed
         3 TB Vegetable oil -- or sesame
   The following is a recipe for Korean Short Ribs, Kal
   Bi (that’s the phonetic spelling I've seen used in
   Hawaii and in Korean rest. in U.S.)
   Combine all the ingredients into a pan and marinate up
   to abt 4 to 5 lbs of beef short ribs.   Marinate at 
   least 2 hrs, preferably overnight.
   Ribs can be left whole or they can be English cut by
   the butcher or market. Authentic Korean style is to
   slice very carefully and very thinly while “unrolling”
   the rib as you go. If done correctly, you'll end up
   with a strip of meat the width of the bone x abt 6 to
   9 long of uniform thickness with the bone still
   attached by the cartilage or membrane on the bone.
   Grill over hot coals quickly try for medium rare.
   Serve with white steamed rice and an oriental salad or
   veggie for side dish. It’s super easy and quick. Good
   for BBQ w/ friends. And for those that are lucky enough
   to live in Maui, these are available fresh daily at
   Azeki’s Meat Market, Kihei. People buy them there and
   take them home to BBQ for visiting friends from the
   Mainland. They will also pack them up for you frozen
   with advance notice so you can take them home with
   you on the air plane  at   no extra charge! We brought
   home 20 lbs to SFO and they were no worse  for the
   travel. I've talked to people that took them all the
   way  to Chicago with no problems. Last time I was
   there, a lady from Seattle was arranging for them to
   ship 120 lbs, frozen. She was hosting a dinner party
   for 45 people and she wanted some for the freezer for
   future use.
   Recipe By     :  JAMES QUON (BGKP90A)