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  Categories: Salads, Korean, Rice, Cabbage
       Yield: 4 Servings
   2 1/2 c  Rice
     1/4 bn Chinese Cabbage Kimchee
            7 oz. or 200 gm.
       7 oz Rib eye thinly sliced
       3 tb Soy Sauce
       1 tb Sesame Oil
       1 tb Prepared Sesame Seeds.
       2 tb Green Onion Minced
       1 ts Garlic Minced
            Dash of Pepper
            Black or White
   3 1/4 c  Water or 3 1/2 cups
       2 tb Sesame Oil
       2    Eggs
            Pinch of Salt
   METHOD: 1. Shred Kimchee without rinsing. 2. Shred beef and marinate
   in Seasoning Mixture. 3. Saute rice in sesame oil until translucent.
   4. In deep pan or rice cooker, place first 1/3 of the Kimchee. Repeat
      process two more times and add 3 1/3 cups water. Cook as for rice.
   5. While cooking rice, make Egg Decorations, and shred. 6. Serve rice
   with shredded Egg Decoration on top. NOTE: The flavor of this dish
   depends on the flavor of the Kimchee.