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  Categories: Appetizers, Seafood, Oriental
       Yield: 6 servings
       1 lb Fresh Squids.
       1 T  Fresh Ginger Root, Julienne.
       1 T  Lemongrass, Sliced Fine.
       2 T  Onion, Chopped.
       3 T  Lime or Lemon Juice.
       3 T  Fish Sauce.
       1 T  Scallions, Chopped.
       1 T  Cilantro, Chopped.
     1/2 c  Mint Leaves.
      10    Crushed Hot Chili Peppers.
   Clean and wash the fresh squids, removing all inner matters and skin.  Cut
   through the side so that the meat is in a single “sheet”.  Cut the meat
   into strips about 3/4 to 1 wide and 2 long.  If desired, slash one side
   in a close criss-cross patterns, and the strip will curl into a roll upon
   cooking.  Place the squid pieces into a wire strainer with long handle.
   Boil a pot of water, and immerse the strainer with the squid meat into the
   boiling water to cook.  For very fresh squid, cook until the meat had
   turned opaque and heated through.  For frozen, or “not so fresh” squid, it
   is advisable to cook a little longer.  Lift the squid out of the boiling
   water and let drain in the strainer.
   Place the well drained squid meat into a bowl and add fish sauce and lime
   or lemon juice.  Adjust tastes by adding more of either ingredients.  The
   tastes should be tangy sour with sufficient salty tastes.  Add lemongrass,
   ginger roots (very finely julienne), and chopped onions, and mix well.
   (Optionally, you may add dry ground hot chilli pepper to taste).
   Place on a serving platter (lined with lettuce leaves) and topped with
   chopped scallions, cilantro, mint leaves, and crushed hot chilli peppers.
   Translated by Padej Gajajiva from a Thai cookbook, “Thai Cuisine” by
   Chantr Tasanont, Manee Suwanpong, and Srisamon Kongpun.