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       Title: Green Curry Paste
  Categories: Curries, Thai, Condiments, Pastes
       Yield: 1 recipe
       6 ea Green chili peppers
       2 ea Lemon grass, fresh -=OR=-
       2 ts Lemon grass, dried
       5 ea Garlic cloves, chopped
       3 md Shallots, chopped
       1 ts Lemon zest
       1 ts Galanga
   Slice the chili peppers in half lengthwise.  Discard the seeds & chop
   the chili peppers.  Put all the ingredients in a mortar or a food
   processor & blend to a thick green paste, adding water if necessary.
   Store in a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator.
   * If using dried galangal soak for 15 minutes in cold water.
   Makes 1/2 cup
   Pojanee Vatanapan’s “Thai Cookbook”