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       Title: [THAI] kaeng khua saparot (prawn and pineapple curry)
  Categories: Thai, Seafood/pra, Chiles
       Yield: 6 servings
       1 tb Kratiem (garlic)
            -finely chopped
       2 tb Red curry paste
       2 tb Chopped tomatoe
       2 c  Coconut milk
       1 c  Pineapple
            -(cubed or pulped)
       4 tb Fish sauce
       2 ts Palm sugar
       1 ts Lime juice
      16    Prawns about 3 long
       3    Bai makrut (lime leaves),
       1 tb Lime zest
       1 tb Prik ki nu daeng (red
            -birdseye chilis)slivered
      15    Bai kaprao (holy
            -basil leaves).
   The pineapple adds a touch of tart sweetness to this dish. It has a
   rich creamy texture, and a red coloration that i an attractive
   complement to the shrimp.
   If you want to be a little fancy you can serve it in pineapple skin
   bowls. method
   Peel, devein, and behead the shrimp, leaving only the small tail
   shells on.
   Drop two tomatoes into boiling water for about a minute, then remove
   to cold water, peel, quarter, discard the seed pulp, and chop the
   flesh. You want 2 tablespoons of chopped tomatoes.
   In a little oil in a medium hot wok, briefly saute the garlic and
   basil, removing it and reserving it when the aroma is fully developed.
   Cook the curry paste briefly to develop the aroma, then add half the
   coconut milk, the fish sauce, tomatoes, pineapple, lime juice and
   sugar, and stir to combine fully. Add the prawns and cook until they
   turn slightly pink and opaque.
   Add the remainder of the coconut milk, the lime leaves and slivered
   chili, at the same time returning the sauted garlic and basil to the
   Transfer to a serving dish and serve with steamed jasmine rice.  WALT
   Colonel Ian F. Khuntilanont-Philpott