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       Title: [THAI] khao tam kung (shrimp and rice soup)
  Categories: Shrimp, Soup, Thai
       Yield: 4 servings
       2 c  Nam sup (stock)
       1 c  Shrimp (about 10
            -to the pound size)
       1 c  Cooked rice
     1/2 c  Kheun chai (chinese
            -celery-celeriac), chopped
       2 tb Nam pla (fish sauce)
       1 tb Kratiem (garlic), crushed
       1 ts Si-iew khao
            -(light soy sauce)
     1/2 ts Prikthai (black pepper),
            -freshly ground
            Bai chi (coriander/
            -cilantro leaves),
            -to garnish
   (shrimp and rice soup) This is the answer to the question “if Thais eat so
   much hot and spicy food, what do they eat for breakfast?” (but they also
   eat som tam and curries...)
   khao tam is a fairly bland and innocuous soup, that is always considered a
   meal in itself (never served with other foods). Whilst it can be made with
   almost any meat, it is most commonly made with seafood combinations, or
   just plain khao tam.
   Method Saute the garlic and reserve as a garnish.
   In a saucepan, boil the stock, and add the celery, soy sauce, pepper and
   rice, and bring back to a boil.
   Add the shrimp and cook until it turns pink.
   Serve immediately, garnished with the sauteed garlic and coriander leaves.
   Serving & Storage (serves 4)“Col. I.F. Khuntilanont-Philpott”