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                   French-Vietnamese Cuisine, Springrolls
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 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
                         Rice paper
                         Rice stick noodles
    1                    breast of chicken
   12      Pieces        tiger shrimp -- size 12/25
    4                    stems         mint leaves
    4                    stems         cilantro
    2                    leafs         Romaine lettuce
    1      Small         cucumber
                         soy sauce
 Boil the Rice stick noodles for 3 minutes and then place in a strainer to
 drain and cool off, but keep water boiling. Saute chicken breast in a pan
 and add soy sauce to taste. After the chicken is cooked, cut it into long
 thing strips and put aside. Boil the shrimp for 1 minute and peel skin off
 and then cut in halves. Cut the Romaine lettuce into thin long strips. Peel
 the skin off the cucumber and then peel about 16 long strips of the
 cucumber. Dip 2 pieces of rice paper into the boiling water and then lie
 flat next to each other on a cloth napkin. In a row, place 3 halves of
 shrimp (pink side face down) in the middle of each rice paper. Then take
 some rice noodles and place on top of the shrimp. Place 2-3 strips of
 chicken on top of noodles and then place some more rice noodles on top of
 the chicken. The peeled cucumber and Romaine lettuce strips top of the
 second layer of rice noodles. Pull mint and cilantro leaves off the stem
 and place face down on the rice paper in front of the shrimp and noodles.
 Fold the side of the rice paper in and then tightly roll the rice paper.
 The product should be 2 springrolls, which can be cut into 6 small pieces
 and plated or kept as 2 longer pieces. A peanut sauce is served on the side
 with the springrolls.
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 NOTES : (Courtesy of Mary Anne Reyes of Mandalay Restaurant