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  Categories: Vietnamese, Poultry
       Yield: 4 servings
            - Jane Harris DXDG05A               2 ts Lemon grass minced (fresh)
       2    Fileted  chicken breast                  Black pepper
      10    Pieces of ham 2 by 1/2                 Cornstarch
     1/4 lb Shrimp                              1 c  Cooking oil
       2    Green onions minced            
   1. Cut each chicken breast into 5 thin slices 2. Place shrimp in mortar and
   smash into a paste, add onions, lemon grass, salt and pepper continue
   mashing until you have a paste 3. Lay chicken fillet on flat surface, place
   a piece of ham on 1 end, top ham with 1/10 of shrimp mixture 4. Roll up ,
   dip in cornstarch and fry in oil until golden. I have never tried this
   without the ham, but it seems like it might work. Dgeign