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       Title: Bacalao (Salt Cod)
  Categories: Basque, Seafoods, Main dish
       Yield: 4 servings
       2 lb salt cod
     1/4 c  olive oil
       2 md onions
       1 sm can tomato sauce
       2 cl garlic
     1/2 c  minced parsley
       4 oz sliced pimentos
     1/2 c  dry white wine
   Wash the cod, changing the water three or four times. Soak it
   overnight in water to cover. Drain. Cut the fish into 2-inch pieces.
   Place the pieces in cold water to cover, bring to boil, and drain
   well. Chop the onions and garlic and fry them, along with the drained
   pimentos, in olive oil. When the vegetables are tender stir in the
   tomato sauce, parsley and wine. Cover and simmer over very low heat
   for 30 minutes. Place the cod in the sauce and simmer, uncovered, 30
   to 45 minutes, or until the fish flakes easily. Serves 4. Walt