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       Title: Poor Mans Goose (English)
  Categories: English
       Yield: 4 Servings
       1 x  Large cooking apple
       2 ts Sugar
       1 pk Sage and onion stuffing
       1 lb Potatoes
            Salt and pepper
   Set oven to 350/F or Mark 4. Take a deep dish and put
   a few knobs of dripping in the base. Peel, core and
   slice the apple and place in a layer on the dripping.
   Sprinkle with the surar. Make up the saae and onion
   stuffina as the
   instructions on the packet and add a layer to the
   dish, followed by slices of liver. Finally add a layer
   of raw potatoes cut into slices with a little
   seasoning. If the dish is deep enough to repeat
                                               v the
   layers, finish with potato. Dot with drippin~ and bake
   for 1 hour.
   The texture and flavour of this dish is said to be
   like that of roast goose. No exact quantities can be
   given as it is a `poor man’s dish', made with whatever
   is available. Cheese and sliced onion can be used
   instead of liver.