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       Title: KALTE ENTE (COLD DUCK)
  Categories: German, Beverages, Ethnic
       Yield: 4 servings
       2 tb Lemon juice
       3 tb Sugar
       1    Lemon
       2 pk Moselle wine
       1 pk Champagne
    Chill wine and champagne.
    Chill glass punch bowl thoroughly in refrigerator or by filling
   with ice.  When cold, dissolve suger in lemon juice in it. Peel
   lemon in spiral, with top of lemon left on.  Rub lemon spiral
   around sides of bowl and leave peel in bowl, hanging top end
   over edge.  Pour wine over peel and let stand in refrigerator,
   15-20 minutes.  Add chilled champagne.
    Serve in glass punch cups, with 1-2 small ice cubes in each cup.
    If you like a greater sparkle, add a glass of club soda.
    This is the original of the now popular bottled wine drink.
    Classically, it is made with white wine and German champagne.
    The spiral of lemon peel, cut with the top of the lemon left on
   to be hung over the side of the punch bowl, is the “cold duck”
   that inspired the drink’s name. The homemade version is an
   elegant far cry from the insipid bottled version.
    Source: The German Cookbook
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