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       Title: Gefullt Krautroladen (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls)
  Categories: German, Vegetables, Beef
       Yield: 6 servings
     1 1/2 c  Brown Rice 			 2 ea Eggs; Large, Slightly
       3 c  Water                             1/4 c  Bread Crumbs
       2 ts Salt                              1/2 c  Parsley; Fresh, Minced
       1 ts Dillseed                        2 1/2 lb Cabbage
     1/2 ts Marjoram                            1 x  Cheesecloth; About 6 ft.
     3/4 ts Pepper                          2 1/2 c  Tomatoes; Canned, Chopped
   2 1/2 c  Onion; Chopped                    1/2 c  Vermouth; Dry
       5 tb Vegetable Oil                     1/2 c  Beef Broth
     1/2 ts Paprika                             2 tb Tomato Paste
       2 ea Garlic; Cloves, Minced            1/2 ts Sugar
   In a medium bowl cover brown rice with hot water and soak for 3 hours.
   Drain.  In a 2-quart saucepan combine rice, 3 cups water, and 1 1/2 t
   salt.  Simmer covered for 40 minutes or until the liquid is absorbed.  Add
   the dillseed, marjoram, and 1/2 t pepper.  In a large skillet saute 1 1/2
   cups chopped onion in 3 T hot vegetable oil until soft, about 6 to 8
   minutes.  Add paprika and garlic, continue cooking and stirring for 2
   minutes.  Stir in the rice mixture, eggs, bread crumbs, and parsley.
   Adjust seasonings to taste.  Core cabbage and, in a large pot, blanch the
   cabbage cored-side-down in boiling salted water for 5 minutes or until it
   is softened.  Drain.  Remove 12 leaves and cut off one fourth of each leaf
   from the base.  Arrange 1 leaf curved-side down on a square of dampened
   cheesecloth and place 3 T of rice mixture in the center.  Wrap the leaf
   around the filling and twist the corners of the cheesecloth to form the
   leaf into a roll.  Continue making rolls with remaining filling.  Chop
   remaining cabbage to make 3 cups and, in a large frypan, saute with 1 cup
   chopped onions and 2 T vegetable oil until soft.  Add tomatoes, vermouth,
   broth, tomato paste, sugar, 1/2 t salt and 1/4 t pepper.  Simmer the
   mixture for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Adjust seasonings.
   Transfer cabbage-tomato sauce mixture to a large baking dish.  Arrange the
   cabbage rolls close together in one layer on the sauce.  Spoon some of the
   mixture over the rolls.  Bake at 325 degrees F for 1 1/2 hours.  Baste
   rolls 4 to 5 times during cooking.  Let the dish cool.  Cover and
   refrigerate overnight.  Remove cheesecloth.  Heat in preheated 350 degree
   oven for 30 minutes before serving.