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       Title: Sauerbraten Klopse (Sauerbraten Meatballs)
  Categories: German, Ground beef, Beef
       Yield: 4 servings
       1 lb Ground Beef; Lean                   2 tb Vegetable Oil
     1/4 c  Milk                              1/2 c  Vinegar
     1/4 c  Bread Crumbs; dry                 3/4 ts Ginger; Ground
     1/8 ts Cloves; Ground                      1 ea Bay Leaf
     1/8 ts Allspice; Ground                    4 tb Sugar; Brown
     1/2 ts Salt                                2 tb Unbleached Flour
       1 x  Pepper; To Taste               
   Mix beef, milk, crumbs, cloves, allspice, salt and pepper.  Form into
   meatballs.  Brown meatballs in hot oil.  Drain off fat.  Add 1 cup water,
   vinegar, ginger, bay leaf, and brown sugar.  Cover and simmer 1/2 hour.
   Skim off fat.  Remove meatballs and keep them warm.  Mix flour and 2 T
   water.  Slowly stir into the pan juices to make gravy.  Pour gravy over
   meatballs.  Serve with buttered noodles.