Fastnachts    No. 2751                                Yields 12 Doughnuts
      1 Envelope  Dry Yeast                    -         Salt
      1 Cup       Warm Water                 3           Eggs, Beaten
    1/2 Cup       Flour                      4 Tbls      Butter
  5 1/2 Cups      Flour                      1 Pinch     Nutmeg
      2 Cups      Whole Milk                   -         Granulated Sugar
      1 Tbls      Sugar
    1/2 Cup       Sugar
 Dissolve the yeast in the warm water.
 Add the first measure of flour to the yeast.
 Stir until smooth.
 Add the milk.
 Stir in the first measure of sugar and half of the second measure of flour.
 Set aside in a warm place to rise until doubled.
 Stir in the salt, eggs, butter, the second measure of sugar, the nutmeg and
 sufficient additional flour to make a firm dough.
 Let rise until doubled in bulk.
 Punch down.
 Roll out on a floured board.
 Cut into squares.
 Set on a floured board.
 Let rise.
 Preheat the oil in the deep fryer.
 Deep fry the Fastnachts until light and golden.
 Drain on paper towels.
 Roll in granulated sugar while still warm.