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  Categories: Main dish
       Yield: 1 servings
   1.5 kg  potatoes (a sort that stays “hard” - not the one you use for
   mashed potatoes) 1 big onion 2 eggs 1 tsp salt a bit flour
   (Buchweizen (wheat flour or oat flakes) Oil Grate the potatoes over a
   sieve, so that the water can leave.  Don't use a to fine grater, you
   don't want to make mashed potatoes.
   Squeeze the potatoes - so that more water is going out of it.
   Grate the onions fine on the grater and put them to the potatoes,
   like the other ingredients and mix them carefully.
   Depending on how wet the dough is, put some flour or oat flakes to
   it, so that you get a not to solid dough.
   Put oil into a pan and when it is really hot, take with a (soap)
   spoon abit from the dough and put it into the pan and push it to a
   flat cake.
   They have to be “golden” from both sides (you have to turm them after
   awhile) - the border of that pancake has to be real crisp.
   Eat them hot to (or on) a slice of bread (Schwarzbrot (that is dark
   bread)) with butter and put Ruebenkraut (sugar-root syrup) or
   Apfelkraut (apple syrup) on it.
   From: (Levin F Magruder)
   Source:  Kathy Cooks (Kathy Hoshijo, Fireside) Converted by MMCONV
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