Rouladen    No. 598                                    Yields 4 Servings
      4           Sirloin Tip Steaks                     Salt
      8 Strips    Bacon                                  Pepper
      4 oz        Prepared Mustard                       Water
      1 Large     Onion, Chopped Fine
      5 tsp       Dry Gravy Mix
 Pound steaks out to flatten.
 Salt and pepper to taste.
 Spread mustard liberally on each steak.
 Add two strips of bacon and a liberal amount of chopped onion to each steak.
 Roll the steaks up and pin closed.
 Saute the steaks in butter in a large skillet until brown on all sides.
 Add enough water to just barely cover the steak rolls.
 Cover the pan and simmer for 90 minutes.
 Prepare the gravy while the rouladen cook.
 Serve covered with gravy.