150 gram sugar
  150 gram butter (unsalted)
    8 eggs
  150 gram melted bitter-sweet chocolate
  150 gram flour
 1) Beat the egg-whites with 70 gram sugar for about 8 minutes.
 2) Beat the egg-yolks with 80 gram sugar for about 5 minutes, then add 150 
 gram butter and beat again until smooth. Then add 150 gram melted bitter-
 sweet chocolate and mix well.
 3) Then add the beaten egg-whites and 150 gram flour carefully and stir 
 carefully with a spoon until homogenous.
 4) Put this dough in a buttered form (diameter 22-26 cm) and bake for about 
 an hour at 180 degree celsius.
 5) Then cover the Sacher-Torte with apricot-jam (thin layer).
 6) Then cover with chocolate-coating.