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  1. Aegean Sea Chowder (Psarosoupa Kakavia) to Byzantine Dolmathes (Stuffed Grapeleaves)
  2. Calamaria Gemista (Stuffed Squid) to Greek Cannellini Beans With Vegetables
  3. Greek Charoset to Greek Stuffed Mushrooms
  4. Greek Stuffed Tomatoes to Kotopitta (Chicken Pie)
  5. Kotopoulo Giouvetsi to Moussaka
  6. Moussaka 2 to Psari Plaki Sto Fourno (Baked Fish)
  7. Pseftokeftedes Santorini to Souvlaki With Tzaziki
  8. Spageto Me Sikotakia Poulion (Spaghetti W/Ch to Village Farina Custard (Poutika)
  9. Yemista me Lahano (Stuffed Cabbage Leaves) to Zucchini Me Yaurti

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