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  Categories: Foreign, Poultry
       Yield: 5 servings
       1    Frying or roasting chicken*
       1    Lemon (juice only)
       4 tb Sweet butter & oil, mixed
     1/2 c  Dry white wine (optional)
   1 1/2 lb Peeled, chopped tomatoes
       1 tb Tomato paste; mixed w/ water
     1/4 c  -Water to mix w tomato paste
       1    Large stick cinnamon
       3    Whole cloves
            Salt & freshly ground pepper
            Fresh parsley or watercress
   *Note: Chicken should be about 2-1/2 lbs., and be cut into serving
   Arrange the chicken parts in a glass or earthenware bowl and rub all
   over with lemon juice.  Allow to stand while heating the butter and
   oil in a heavy braising pot.  Slip the chicken into the fat and cook
   over medium heat, turning with tongs to avoid pricking the flesh;
   saute until light chestnut in color.  Heat the wine in a small pan,
   pour over the chicken, shake the pan, and continue cooking over low
   heat.  Stir in the tomatoes and tomato paste, slip the cinnamon and
   cloves in among the pieces, and cover.  Simmer over the lowest
   possible heat for 1-1/2 hours, or until the chicken is tender and the
   sauce thick.  Or, transfer to a medium slow oven (325 F) to complete
   the cooking.  Season with salt and pepper.  Serve warm over cooked
   grain or mashed potatoes with green raw or cooked vegetables and
   chilled wine.  Garnish with parsley or watercress.
   From: “The Food of Greece” by Vilma Liacouras Chantiles.  Avenel
   Books, New York.