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  Categories: Salads, Greek
       Yield: 6 servings
       2 ea Heads of lettuce
       4 ea Boiled potatoes
       4 ea Hard-cooked eggs
       1 tb Chopped dill OR anise seed
       2 tb Oil
       2 tb Chopped scalions
       4 ts Vinegar
   1 1/2 c  Mayonnaise
       5 ea Olives
       1 tb Parsley, chopped
      Wash and dry lettuce.  Save hearts and tear
   reamining leaves into pcs. Cut half the potatoes into
   small cubes; cut the rest into round slices. Slice 2
   of the eggs; crumble the yolk of the third egg.  Mix
   lettuce, potato cubes, scallions, and the dill or
   anise seed together; blend the oil and vinegar and
   sprinkle over the salad.  Let this rest for 5 to 10
   min., then drain off dressing.
      Mix in half of the mayo.  Place salad on a round
   platter and cover with remaining mayo. Surround with
   egg slices, potato slices and olives, and sprinkle
   with parsley and crumbled egg yolk.  Place in refrig.
   until ready to serve.