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  Categories: Polish, Main dish
       Yield: 4 servings
       2 lb Ground Beef;lean
     1/2 c  Rice;uncooked
       1 md Onion;Diced
       1    Green Pepper;Diced
       2    Eggs
       1    Cabbage;large head
       2 qt Tomato Juice
   PREPARE THE CABBAGE LEAVES: The Old timers would
   freeze the head solid, then peel the leaves from the
   head as they thawed. The best way I've found is to
   1)cut the core out with a knife, then put the
   hole-where-the-core- was, side down in a steamer over
   boiling water. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and
   remove. Several layers of the outer leaves should be
   soft enough to remove from the head. When you've
   removed as many as you can, return the head to the
   steamer to soften more leaves. Take a sharm knife and
   remove as much of the central vein as you can.
   FILLING: Mix all the other ingredients together in a
   bowl. work it with your hands until the eggs and other
   inredients except the tomato juice are thouroughly
   mixed into the meat. Now, take a glob of mixture and
   set it in the hollow of a deveined leaf,with the end
   that was near the core towards you. Fold the end
   nearest you about / way over the mix. Fold the left
   side over the mix and then the right side. Roll about
   / turn away from you so that the “seam” is on the
   bottom. Place in the pan seam side don and continue
   with the other leaves.* When you've made the last
   cabbage roll,pour in the tomato juice to cover. Bring
   to a boil then simmer for AT LEAST an hour. Serve in a
   bowl with the juice, although these, like spagetti are
   better the 2nd day.
   *This is an ideal cabbage roll. 3/4 of them won't go
   together this perfectly, so be ready to make
   adjustments when making the rolls.
   VARIATIONS: Garlic is great, paprika and chili powder
   will work in the stuffing, V-8 instead of tomato juice
   is pleasantly different.