Recipes in this category:

  1. Arroz De Polvo
  2. Arroz De Polvo (Octopus Rice)
  3. Batas A Portuguesa- Portuguese Fried Potatoe
  4. Fish Portuguese
  5. Iscas (Lisbon Liver)
  6. Leg Of Baby Goat, Portuguese Style
  7. Leg of Baby Goat, Portuguese Style
  8. Leg Of Baby Goat, Portuguese Style
  9. Massa Sovada (Portuguese Sweet Bread)
  10. Massa Sovada (Portuguese Sweetbread)
  11. Mussels A La Portuguese
  12. Nero Wolfe’s Bacalhau (Portugese Salt Cod)
  13. Nero Wolfe’s Bacalhau (portuguese Salt Cod)
  14. Peixe Oporto (Baked Fish with Port Wine Sauce)
  15. Pork with Clams (Porco com ameijoas a Alentejana)
  16. Portugal: Piri-Piri Sauce
  17. Portugese Sweet Bread
  18. Portuguese Almond and Potato Cake
  19. Portuguese Almond & Potato Cake
  20. Portuguese Biscotti
  21. Portuguese Broa (Corn Bread)
  22. Portuguese Chili Beans
  23. Portuguese Clam Stew with Garlic Croutons
  24. Portuguese Easter Bread
  25. Portuguese Eggs With Peas
  26. Portuguese Fisherman’s Stew
  27. Portuguese Pork Tenderloin
  28. Portuguese Potato & Giblet Stuffing
  29. Portuguese Soup
  30. Portuguese Soup
  31. Portuguese Sweet Bread
  32. Portuguese Sweet Bread 2
  33. Portuguese Sweet Bread for ABM
  34. Portuguese Sweet Bread (Pao Doce)
  35. Portuguese Sweet Bread (Pao Doce [Part 1])
  36. Portuguese White Bread
  37. Portuguese-Style Rice
  38. Rabanadas (Portuguese Fried Toast)
  39. Salmon Vina Olki (Portuguese)
  40. Snails, Portuguese Style

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