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 Serving Size  : 6    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Spreads                          Russian
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    1       lb           Sweet butter and 1/4 pound
                         -cream cheese, to make a
                         -smooth mixture.
   Put 3 pounds dry pot cheese through a very fine sieve
   and blend it well with Beat 8 egg yolks with 1-1/2
   pounds granulated sugar and combine this mixture with
   the cheese.  Add 2 cups heavy cream and mix well.  Add
   1/4 pound each of chopped, blanched almonds and mixed
   candied fruits and raisins.  Flavor with the seeds
   scraped from 2 vanilla beans and mix until the fruits
   are evenly distributed.  Line a pyramidal paskha form
   with a fine cheesecloth wrung out of cold water.  Pour
   the mixture into the form and fold the cheesecloth to
   cover the bottom of the cake.  Weight the cheese down
   well and allow it to drip for 24 hours.  A deep
   flowerpot with a hole in the bottom for drainage makes
   a satisfactory paskha mold. Unmold the paskha and
   decorate it as you wish.  Paskha is traditionally
   servied with kulich, the Russian Easter bread.
   From: The Goourmet Cookbook Volume II Shared By: Pat
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