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      Title: Uzvar (Dried Fruit Compote)
 Categories: Fruits, Russian, Christmas
   Servings: 10
       4 oz Dried Prunes; Pitted
       4 oz Raisins
       8 oz Dried Apple Slices
       8 oz Dried Pear Quarters
       1 c  Honey; Clover Or Wild
       1    Cinnamon Stick
       6    Whole Cloves
       2 qt Apple Cider
            Juice And Peel Of 1 Lemon
   Combine the fruit in a large pot and fill with enough cider to cover it by
   a third more.  (The fruit will absorb a lot of liquid.)  Add the cloves
   and lemon peel.  Simmer until the larger pieces are cooked but not falling
   apart.  Pour off the liquid into a pan and cook until reduced by 1/3rd.
   Add the honey, cinnamon, lemon juice, and fruit.  Reheat, stirring.
   Taste, and add more lemon juice if needed.  It should not be cloying
   sweet, the taste of the fruit should dominate.  Serve warm in crystal or
   clear glass bowls.  Keeps in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.