Lobscouse (Lobscows)
 1/2 lbs stewing steak
 1/2 lbs carrots
 one large onion
 1 lbs potatoes
 1 desert spoon of salt
 Method of Preparation
 Peel the potatoes and dice (1 inch)
 Scrape carrots and slice.
 Peel onion and slice.
 Dice meat into 1 inch pieces
 Place meat in a large saucepan with carrots onions salt
 and about 2 pints of water.
 Boil for half an hour
 then add potatoes and boil for a further half hour
 The above is the recipe handed down to me by my mother and farther. I belive 
 lobscouse was a meal that the slate quarry men in north wales ate when they 
 came home at night. -- Ieuan