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      Title: Teisen Sir Fon  (Anglesey Cake)  Welsh
 Categories: Cakes     
   Servings:  6
      10 oz Flour                               4 oz Lard 
       3 oz Sugar                               1 x  Egg 
     1/2 t  Bicarbonate                         1 t  Treacle 
       1 x  Pinch mixed spice and ginger        4 oz Dried fruit 
       1 c  Milk                                1 x  Pinch salt 
   Cream the sugar and fat.  Mix in the egg and add the remainder of the
   ingredients, having desolved the bicarbonate in the milk.
   Bake in a greased tin for about 3/4 hour in a moderately hot oven.
   Gas control, Gas MArk 5 (375F).
   3 teacupsful of flour; 1 teacupful of butter; 1 teacupful of sugar;
   2 teaspoonful of baking powder; 2 eggs; milk to mix; a little dried fruit.
   Rub the butter into the flour, add sugar, baking powder and well beaten
   eggs and milk if necessary - it must be kept fairly stiff.
   This mixture is enough to fill two sandwich tins.  Bake for 30-40 minutes.
   Cut in half, spread with butter and eat hot.  Oven control, Gas Mark 5
   Croeso Cymreig.