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      Title: Tiessennau Mel  (Honey Cakes)  Welsh
 Categories: Cakes     
   Servings:  6
       4 oz Honey                               1 t  Cinnamon 
       4 oz Brown sugar                         1 x  Egg 
     1/2 lb Flour                             1/2 t  Bicarbonate of soda 
       4 oz Butter or margarine                 1 x  Caster sugar 
       1 x  A little milk                 
   Sieve together flour, cinnamon and bicarbonate of soda.
   Cream butter and sugar.  Seporate the egg yolk from the white.  Beat the
   yolk into sugar and butter, then add the honey, gradually.
   Stir in the flour with a little milk as required and mix all together
   Whisk the egg white into a stiff froth and fold into mixture.
   Half fill small patty tins with the mixture;  dredge the top of each with
   cester sugar.  Bake in a hot oven for 20 minutes.
   Oven control Gas mark 6 (400F) or 7 (425F).
   When ready sprinkle a little more sugar.
   Croeso Cymreig.